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Hi! My name is Cesar Raymond Santos and I am a web designer from Sydney, Australia. I love to design websites.


Vertical Space LLC

Case Study: Vertical Space LLC

The Task:

Vertical Space LLC is a major regional enterprise in the design, fabrication and installation of customised furniture for luxury retail shops and boutiques in the Middle East and India. They are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The client came to me with the task of giving their current company website a redesign before the year-end. Apart from having an outdated interface, one of the major issues I encountered was that it was not originally designed in accordance to web standards.

The Solution:

I first assessed and identified key areas of the site, which allowed me to map out a more organised structure. With a better understanding of the content, I was able to design a more cleaner and structured interface with a new CSS framework to compliment it.

After three weeks of hard work, testing and keeping a constant communication with the client, the site was completed within time and on budget and all parties involved were very pleased with the completed results.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, PHP

Tools: Pen and paper, Photoshop, Coda

Completed: October 2009

Completed: May 2011

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About Me

It's me!

Hi! Come to learn more about little ol' me? Well I've been fooling around with websites for a little more than 7 years now but it was more of a weekend hobby in the beginning; you know, creating personal websites based on your favourite things or generally random stuff (in my case, it was creating icons for the IGN Boards). But as my interest grew in the past 2 years, I started taking it more seriously to the point where I am now pursuing a career in web design. And well, here I am!

Besides dabbling in web design, I'm currently a graphic designer for a leading eLearning Solutions company in Sydney, Australia. This role has not only helped me further develop my skills in graphic design, but it has also given me a very valuable learning experience and understanding of the industry that I would otherwise not have had.

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, I'll either be using my Holga or Polaroid camera (long live film!), jamming to Muse, playing addicting games on my iPhone, doodling on any piece of paper I can get my hands on, going for random walks in the lovely neighbourhood of Surry Hills, or having fun with family and friends. You may also catch me reading books and magazines on graphic/web design and might pick up the occasional novel now and then.

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